Glamelia Bouquet by Sky Flowers

Today I’ve invited one of my favorite florists to chat about an amazing bouquet style that I LOVE(second favorite to the brooch bouquets)! I’ve always loved the look and especially wanted to know how they’re constructed.

Lilit Says:

“We call these bouquets “Glamelias” – a made of flower that is constructed from the most core element of a rose…the petal.  I prefer to make these florals from Cymbidium Orchid Petals because they are much hardier and last longer, but it can get to be quite expensive using the orchids.  The glamelia bouquet became popular when Brides started requesting a bouquet that was original and different from a traditional hand tied bouquet.  Katherine Heigl even carried a Glamelia bouquet when she walked down the aisle last December.  The design concept behind these creations is to take one simple element, such as a rose petal, and repeat it over and over again to create something entirely new that makes a statement.   The pink bouquet in the photos took about eight dozen roses, since you have to select the petals that are the best size and color to fit the size you’re going for in the finished product.  These bouquets take a great deal of time and effort to create and are much more time consuming than the traditional bridal bouquet.  The beauty of it is you can create an entirely new flower, even mixing different rose colors to create something that you wouldn’t be able to find in nature.   And you always have to create them at last minute to ensure its freshness so that it’s camera ready when the bride walks down the aisle.

Thanks so much for sharing with us Lilit! You can see more of Lilit’s amazing work on her website:


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