Real Wedding ~Cybel and Sebastian at Malibu Rocky Oaks Estate

I had such a wonderful time planning and being a part of Cybel and Sebastian’s wedding day at MRO. And I am beyond excited to share their wedding images with you! Images captured by the talented: Chris Schmitt Photography

Cybel’s classic Louboutins… enough said 😉

Chris Schmitt Photography-8-XL

The lace on this dress is to die for and Cybel looked so stunning in it!

Chris Schmitt Photography-3-XL

Amazing view from Cybel’s getting ready room at MRO.

Chris Schmitt Photography-184-X2

Their amazing ceremony completely transformed!

Chris Schmitt Photography-154-X2

Chris Schmitt Photography-156-X2

Chris Schmitt Photography-138-X2

Chris Schmitt Photography-151-XL

Chris Schmitt Photography-377-X2

Chris Schmitt Photography-474-X2

Chris Schmitt Photography-664-X2

This image is so breathtaking, it’s like they’re in the middle of nowhere.

Chris Schmitt Photography-652-X2

Chris Schmitt Photography-525-XL

Chris Schmitt Photography-535-XL

Chris Schmitt Photography-539-XL

Chris Schmitt Photography-555-XL

Chris Schmitt Photography-558-X2

Chris Schmitt Photography-564-XL

Chris Schmitt Photography-565-XL

Chris Schmitt Photography-575-X2

Chris Schmitt Photography-733-X2

Chris Schmitt Photography-784-XL

Chris Schmitt Photography-930-X2

Chris Schmitt Photography-1038-X2

Chris Schmitt Photography-1039-X2

Chris Schmitt Photography-1041-X2


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